Can Antony Blinken Update Liberal Foreign Policy for a World Gone Mad?

David Montgomery in the Washington Post considers the new approach to foreign policy taken by the Biden Administration and the potential role to be played by Secretary of State Antony Blinken in supporting it. The Trump Administration did profound damage to America’s place and credibility when it comes to international diplomacy, a perception not helped … Continued

The time to support the Global South is now

While Russia’s unjustified invasion of Ukraine is forcing hard choices in Europe regarding international support, Martin Schulz argues that the war in Ukraine justifies more support, involvement and investment in the Global South, not less. Challenges in the Global South continue to worsen, most notably the risk of famine, intensifying drought, and heightened risks of … Continued

Defeating Putin in Ukraine Is Vital to the Future of Democracy

David J. Kramer argues that for democracy in Russia and Eurasia to flourish, it is crucial that the international community support Ukraine in defeating Putin. While critics fear that greater involvement will only serve the interests of the Kremlin, Kramer does not agree. Russia’s unjustified invasion of Ukraine must not be viewed as only a … Continued

Ukraine’s EU Membership and the Geostrategy of Democratic Self-Preservation

Richard Youngs considers the changing possibilities for EU membership for the newly-dubbed Association Trio, Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia. The war has placed their membership firmly back on the agenda of the EU, though any decision over future enlargement will require substantial considerations, and the three countries themselves recognise that there is still work to be … Continued

How Vladimir Putin provokes—and complicates—the struggle against autocracy

The Economist considers how Russia’s unjustified war in Ukraine changes the international dynamics for democracy support and fighting against authoritarianism. During the Cold War, the United States and other democracies made deals with undemocratic regimes that are looked back on unfavourably, with the current situation necessitating similarly difficult choices. The article considers possibilities for cooperation … Continued

America Needs a Better Plan to Fight Autocracy

Anne Applebaum criticises the US and International approach to autocracies in the Atlantic, making broad recommendations for change in the new context caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Autocrats help each other globally by sharing resources and tactics in a loosely-organised group of countries rejected by the West, with the goal to confuse the truth … Continued

The Democracy Turning Its Back on Ukraine

Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan considers why India has abstained in all four major UN votes regarding the Russian invasion of Ukraine in the Atlantic. India has declined to support Ukraine and has not joined in the condemnation of Moscow, as many of its allies have. Similarly, the Indian public has not protested against the invasion. Rajagopalan … Continued

Renewing U.S. Investments in Women’s Political Leadership

Saskia Brechenmacher and Katherine Mann make recommendations for improving female political participation in Just Security based off of 160 interviews with aid officials, advocates, and women politicians as well as a detailed analysis of women’s political empowerment programs in Kenya, Nepal, Morocco, and Myanmar. They identify four key areas for sustainable gender parity in political … Continued

Summit for Democracy 2021 – taking stock one month later

Annika Silva-Leander (with the support of Elisenda Balleste-Buxo) of International IDEA made an initial analysis of the (verbal) country commitments made at the Summit. It was conducted by coding the written transcripts of the official statements made by countries and is aimed as a resource for civil society and other actors to aid in their … Continued

Strengthening Democracy Is a Better Counterterrorism Strategy

Jason S Calder and Lauren van Metre write in Foreign Policy, considering the gaps in the Summit’s discussion regarding the impact on democracy building in fragile states US approach to countering terrorism and violent extremist groups. The authors argue that incorporating commitments on anti-corruption, human rights and opening civic spaces into the US counter-terrorism approach … Continued

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