Gender Equality as a Pre-Requisite for Democracy

The Cohort on Gender equality as a pre-requisite for democracy was established to highlight and promote the connection between gender equality and democracy and to develop policy recommendations to bolster women’s participation in and contribution to democracy. The intent to launch the Cohort was announced at the first Summit with the high-level initiative on gender … Continued

Information Integrity

The Cohort on Information Integrity was established to discuss, collect and promote best practices on strengthening a healthy information space and information integrity and reinforcing democracy, and was launched during an online meeting on 13 July 2022. Access to reliable information is a necessary condition for well-governed and peaceful societies. Citizens are subject to huge … Continued

Labour Rights

Democracy depends on the full ability of its citizens to participate in political, social and economic life. This ability is guaranteed and defended in part through the existence of labour rights, which ensure that workers are not taken advantage of or abused by their employers. Labour rights guarantee the freedom of expression and association of … Continued

Inclusive Democracy

The Cohort on Inclusive Democracy was launched on 28 November 2022 and will hold its main event on 28 February 2023. Further information will follow on this page when it is available. Stable, vibrant democracies are built on full engagement and inclusion of all citizens in public life, not only in elections but also in … Continued

Youth Political and Civic Engagement

The Cohort on Youth Political and Civic Engagement was established to take meaningful action toward implementing Summit for Democracy commitments on youth political and civic engagement through resources, expertise, research, activities, and achievements. It was officially launched on 12 September 2022 in Brussels on International Democracy Day. The event facilitated meaningful dialogue and collaboration between … Continued

Technology for Democracy

The Cohort on Technology for Democracy was established to promote the use of technologies and digital connectivity to strengthen democracies and enhance the enjoyment of democratic freedoms, and ensure technologies are deployed in a free, responsible, secure, resilient way. It was officially launched at the Tallinn Digital Summit in Estonia on 10 October 2022, a … Continued

Rule of Law and Access to Justice Champions

The Cohort on Rule of Law and Access to Justice Champions was established to draft and deliver a Joint Statement and Call to Action on People-Centred Justice and Democracy during the Second Summit; engage interested governments, organizations, private sector actors, and donors to participate in the activities of the Cohort to other global rule of … Continued

Resisting Authoritarian Pressure

The Cohort on Resisting Authoritarian Pressure was established to build resilience to authoritarian coercion and offer a hand to democrats and human rights defenders from non-democracies. The Cohort was officially announced during the second Future of Democracy Forum in Vilnius on 10 November 2022, which was convened in response to the growing trends of democratic … Continued

Media Freedom

The Cohort on Media Freedom was established to measure achieved progress on the commitments made at the first summit, to bridge gaps on the commitments where progress has been slower to attain, and to spark new, innovative commitments to measurably advance media freedom around the world. It was officially launched during a virtual event on … Continued

International Cooperation for Anticorruption

The Cohort on International Cooperation for Anticorruption was established to share knowledge, experience and best practices, discuss and draft recommendations, and increase awareness among S4D participants on corruption prevention and international communication and cooperation in anticorruption enforcement, with a view to joint efforts past the second Summit for Democracy. The Cohort’s first meeting was on … Continued

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