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Conference on Environmental Democracy

From 29 March 2022 to 31 March 2022, the Westminster Foundation for Democracy will host a three-day conference bringing together the democracy support and environmental communities. With the environmental crisis and rising authoritarianism two of the most pressing global challenges, democratic governments must work together to ensure that no one gets left behind and that present problems do not only become worse.

Day one (online) of the conference will provide an introduction to environmental democracy. Day two (online) will bring together civil society leaders, multilateral organisations and international experts to examine trends and challenges in the advancement of the three pillars of environmental democracy: access to information, access to decision-making and access to justice. Day three (hybrid) will focus on donor and political leadership from across the world in a high-level deliberative session. In-person participants will contribute to, and endorse, a roadmap for immediate action to bring together environmental and democracy support organisations, with political leaders and donors.

Event date
29 March 2022
Organising parties
Westminster Foundation for Democracy