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International IDEA support to the Summit for Democracy 2021-2022: Overview of projects and activities

International IDEA views the Summit for Democracy as a strategic opportunity to place democracy at the front and centre of the global agenda. The war in Ukraine underscores even more the need for democracies to stand united in the face of authoritarian threats. International IDEA has therefore developed a strategic engagement programme around the Summits for Democracy in 2021 and 2022.

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The work is conducted by various teams, based in Brussels, Stockholm and Washington D.C., with support from International IDEA Member States, and grants from the European Union and the Robert Bosch Foundation. An overview of this programme of activities in support of the Summits for Democracy is given, highlighting key achievements from 2021 and looking ahead to the 2022 Year of Action. The convening of a Global Democracy Coalition Forum and Team Europe Democracy Dialogues with civil society, the creation of a Summit for Democracy resources portal, and International IDEA-led analytical inputs and data on Summit commitments and outcomes provide some examples of International IDEA’s Summit engagement, with an expansion of these activities throughout 2022, ahead of the second Summit.

With ‘Supporting Team Europe Democracy – Strengthening democracy evidence and communication around the Summit for Democracy’ (STED), the European Union collaborates with International IDEA to foster civil society engagement in the Summit and monitor outcomes. Activities on democracy data collection are carried out by International IDEA, European Partnership for Democracy and Reporters Without Borders. The project supports the global Team Europe Democracy initiative was launched in 2021 by the European Commission and EU Member States. The Robert Bosch Foundation provides financial support to the Global Democracy Coalition Forum, with more than 70 partner organizations, a multistakeholder platform on democracy convened by International IDEA to engage with the Summit.