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Neither Gone Nor Forgotten: China Still Interferes in Democracies

Etienne Soula considers Chinese influence in democracies globally for the Alliance for Securing Democracy. He highlights China's interference in four areas: subverting civil society through the harassment of activists, cyber operations against a broad range of public and private organisations, and putting economic pressure on governments. The author emphasises that Chinese interference must not be ignored, as their state goals often overlap with those of the Kremlin, and urges democracies to effectively counter the state's techniques.

Civil society subversion extends beyond China's borders, with the Uyghur and Tibetan communities and activists from Hong Kong and Taiwan experiencing harassment in documented cases in Canada, Norway and the United States. Cyber operations have targeted not only these aforementioned communities, but also key government systems and critical infrastructure facilities. China has wielded it's economic strength against Lithuania in retaliation to its diplomatic support and recognition of Taiwan.

Read the full piece here in Alliance for Securing Democracy.