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Poland’s Election Represents a Setback to Illiberalism

Laura Thornton and David Salvo consider the broader implications of Poland's election results for illiberal forces in Europe and globally, as it may present an important opportunity to reverse the course on the regional trend of choosing leaders that embrace anti-democratic values and anti-Ukraine rhetoric as we move towards key elections taking place in 2024, notably in Georgia, Moldova and the United States. The latest Polish elections saw the ruling Law and Justice party win a plurality of votes, but not enough to get an outright majority, opening the door for an opposition coalition to form a government. The opposition forces have pledged democratic reforms and support for Ukraine. The authors encourage that voters follow the Polish example, pushing back against illiberal forces to ensure that the Kremlin's interests do not gain more footing.

Read the full piece here on the Alliance for Securing Democracy website, an initiative by the German Marshall Fund of the United States.