Connecting global to local through country-level dialogues on the Summit for Democracy

International IDEA, with the support from the European Commission, has been contributing to increasing effective evidence-based and coordinated support for democracy across the world through the Supporting Team Europe Democracy (STED) project. Within this project, the Summit for Democracy (S4D) emerged as a unique opportunity to place democracy at the centre of the global agenda. … Continued

Democratic Innovations From Around the World: Lessons for the West

Richard Youngs and Ken Godfrey, as part of the European Democracy Hub initiative run by Carnegie Europe and the European Partnership for Democracy, categorise distinctive types of citizen participation from around the world and consider their policy implications. The Western model of selection-based mini-publics is often considered the “gold standard” for participation, since citizens have … Continued

International Democracy Day 2022

From 14 to 16 September 2022, International IDEA and its partners, Carnegie Europe, the European Endowment for Democracy (EED), the European Network of Political Foundations (ENOP), and the European Partnership for Democracy (EPD) held a series of online and in-person discussions. Topics ranged from involving civil society in rebuilding Ukraine after Russia’s unjustified invasion, democracy … Continued

The Summit for Democracy Can Only Be a Success If It Focuses on Youth

Blair Glencorse, Meryl Miner and Julie Murray argue for the importance of effective inclusion of youth in the Summit for Democracy process in Modern Diplomacy. The Summit provides a unique opportunity to engage and mobilise young people in democratic renewal. The youth are key voices for change, but often lack adequate space and accessible platforms … Continued

Making the EU’s New Development Aid Work for Democracy

Sergio Rodríguez Prieto, considers the opportunities presented by the new cycle of EU aid programmes, as part of the European Democracy Hub initiative run by Carnegie Europe and the European Partnership for Democracy. The new funding instrument, Global Europe, also known as the Neighbourhood, Development, and International Cooperation Instrument, harmonises a broad collection of tools … Continued

Exploring Worldwide Democratic Innovations

As a part of the European Democracy Hub initiative, the European Partnership for Democracy (EPD) and Carnegie Europe have released four case studies that illustrate innovative solutions implemented in democracies across the world. The case studies draw insights from how these countries have enhanced their democracies, and explore the possibilities for how they may address … Continued

Post Summit for Democracy Dialogue: Analyzing country commitments and exploring opportunities for engagement

The International Institute for Electoral and Democracy Assistance (International IDEA) and the European Commission held a hybrid event in Brussels on 20 June 2022; Post Summit for Democracy (S4D) Dialogue: Analysing country commitments and exploring opportunities for engagement. Representatives from the EU, EU Member States, government representatives from outside the EU and civil society exchanged insights … Continued

US State Department Kicks Off ‘Democracy Cohorts’ Initiative as Part of the Summit’s Year of Action

The United States is launching multistakeholder platforms, called Democracy Cohorts, to take joint action in supporting commitment implementation in priority focus areas. Each Democracy Cohort will bring together governments and authorities that demonstrate the political will for progress on key Summit commitments in cooperation with the relevant non-governmental stakeholders. Each cohort will be co-led by … Continued

The Democrats America Is Leaving Behind

Laura Thornton in the Atlantic reminds us of the democracy fighters in autocracies, reminding us that the struggle between democracy and autocracy depends not on locations and borders, but is rooted in the values and ideas held by the people. The author criticises the approach taken by the Summit from Democracy and broader framing by … Continued

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