NDI Champions “Democracy Game Changers” for S4D Year of Action

In the context of global challenges to democracy and the Summit for Democracy’s Year of Action, the National Democratic Institute (NDI) has identified five global Democracy Game Changers that highlight and mobilise collective action to address the most pressing problems. The five challenges that will be addressed in this upcoming series are: Ending Online Violence … Continued

Global Partnership to End Online Violence Against Women Presents Opportunities for Tech and Government to Step Up

Moira Whelan illuminates the importance of and makes recommendations regarding the US-led initiative, Global Partnership for Action on Gender-Based Online Harassment and Abuse, which is part of the Summit’s Year of Action. There is mounting evidence that online harassment presents a significant, persistent and systemic barrier to women’s political participation and is a threat to … Continued

How the U.S. Gender Equality Funding Increase Can Actually Be Effective

Saskia Brechenmacher and Nikhita Salgame consider the practical needs for President Biden’s strategy for increasing funding for foreign assistance programmes that promote gender equality and equity. While the $2.6 billion USD commitment by Biden appears high in comparison with reduced investment under Trump and in Biden’s first years, it is only an increase of $300 … Continued

Gender equality and the Summit for Democracy

Image credit: Canva. Annika Silva-Leander for International Women’s Day writes about how democracies in practice are better at upholding gender equality than non-democracies and analyses statements and commitments made at the Summit for Democracy according to how prominently gender equality was featured. Political gender equality is crucial for democracy, as everyone must have an equal … Continued

Renewing U.S. Investments in Women’s Political Leadership

Saskia Brechenmacher and Katherine Mann make recommendations for improving female political participation in Just Security based off of 160 interviews with aid officials, advocates, and women politicians as well as a detailed analysis of women’s political empowerment programs in Kenya, Nepal, Morocco, and Myanmar. They identify four key areas for sustainable gender parity in political … Continued

2022: The fourth wave of democracy?

Birgitta Ohlsson considers how democracy supporters can help bring about a fourth wave of democracy for the National Democratic Institute (NDI). Useful initiatives could include democratic political parties uniting against anti-democratic forces, brining more women and young people into politics, and positively supporting democratisation rather than fighting against backsliding. Read the full piece here at … Continued

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