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Who’s In and Who’s Out From Biden’s Democracy Summit

Stephen Feldstein of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace analysed the democratic status of invitees to the Summit based on their scores in the Varieties of Democracy (V-Dem) database, Freedom House, and the 2020 Digital Repression Index. He notes that based on their Freedom House scores, 69 per cent of invitees are ranked as "Free", 28 per cent as "Partly Free" and 3 per cent as "Not Free". By region, 27 countries come from the Western Hemisphere, 39 from Europe, 21 from East Asia and the Pacific, 17 from Africa, 4 from South/Central Asia, and 2 from the Middle East and North Africa. He reflects upon how the US Administration decided on invitees, drawing conclusions on what it reveals about the Summit.

Read the full piece at Carnegie Endowment for International Peace here.