Poland’s Election Represents a Setback to Illiberalism

Laura Thornton and David Salvo consider the broader implications of Poland’s election results for illiberal forces in Europe and globally, as it may present an important opportunity to reverse the course on the regional trend of choosing leaders that embrace anti-democratic values and anti-Ukraine rhetoric as we move towards key elections taking place in 2024, … Continued

Why Anti-LGBTQ Attacks Matter for Democracy

Ari Shaw notes the lack of meaningful discussion during the Summit for Democracy about how democratic backslide has been accompanied by an increase in attacks on LGBTQIA+ people and the strategic use of anti-LGBT rhetoric by authoritarian forces. Mr Shaw and his colleagues with the Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law published a study … Continued

How Can Europe Help the Next Phase of the Summit for Democracy?

By Richard Youngs and Ken Godfrey With contributions from Thomas Carothers, Nic Cheeseman, Jakub Klepal, Julia Leininger, Kirsten Meijer, Lisbeth Pilegaard, Anthony Smith, Antonella Valmorbida Leaders agreed that the Summit for Democracy process will continue to improve coordination among democracies. If the EU is to prove its credibility and effectiveness, concrete actions are needed in … Continued

Access Now #KeepItOn Coalition’s Shutdown Impact Stories Project via the Technology for Democracy Cohort

As internet shutdowns are increasingly weaponised by authorities worldwide, violating people’s right to a free, open and secure internet, it is increasingly important for global alignment and coordination to support digital rights issues and defend civil society. In its capacity as a co-leader of the Technology for Democracy Cohort of the Summit for Democracy, Access … Continued

Rule of law continues five-year decline, but bright spots emerge

Ted Piccone analyses the largely negative global trends regarding the rule of law for the Brookings Institution. The rule of law globally is in decline for the fifth straight year, notably due to growing authoritarian tendencies, such as weakened checks and balances, rising impunity, and declines in fundamental rights. However, Europe is a major exception … Continued

Rising Hostility to Democracy Support: Can It Be Countered?

As part of the European Democracy Hub initiative run by by Carnegie Europe and the European Partnership for Democracy, Nicolas Bouchet, Ken Godfrey and Richard Youngs consider how democracy support organisations can continue to operate in increasingly hostile contexts. The article specifically addresses operating in fully hostile environments, in which the state is closing the … Continued

Nordic Foreign Ministers: Making the case for democracy

The Foreign Ministers of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden have released a statement stressing the threat to sustainable development posed by the global decline of democracy, highlighting four key evidence-based conclusions: The return of democracy as a norm would significantly strengthen global peace and security Democracy is critical to mitigating the environmental and climate … Continued

Can Antony Blinken Update Liberal Foreign Policy for a World Gone Mad?

David Montgomery in the Washington Post considers the new approach to foreign policy taken by the Biden Administration and the potential role to be played by Secretary of State Antony Blinken in supporting it. The Trump Administration did profound damage to America’s place and credibility when it comes to international diplomacy, a perception not helped … Continued

Three essential initiatives to defend democracy against corruption

Kristen Sample highlights three important global anti-corruption initiatives in The Hill. The damaging effects of corruption on democracy have been widely documented, and as corruption has become increasingly globalised, effective and durable solutions will require international buy-in. Sample highlights three initiatives: Stand with Ukraine, which is the international effort to support Ukraine in the wake … Continued

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