Autocracy Versus Democracy After the Ukraine Invasion: Mapping a Middle Way

Richard Youngs writes in Carnegie Europe about the changed dynamics between democracies and autocracies, and potential implications for cooperation between states and broader democracy support. The article probes the specific type of democracy-autocracy dynamic that will emerge in the wake of Russia’s unjustified invasion of Ukraine. Youngs clarifies the currently mixed strategic dynamics among pro-democracy … Continued

Neither Gone Nor Forgotten: China Still Interferes in Democracies

Etienne Soula considers Chinese influence in democracies globally for the Alliance for Securing Democracy. He highlights China’s interference in four areas: subverting civil society through the harassment of activists, cyber operations against a broad range of public and private organisations, and putting economic pressure on governments. The author emphasises that Chinese interference must not be … Continued

Reality Check: Can the West Bring Kleptocrats to Justice?

Based on the results of its new study, Up to the Task? The State of Play in Countries Committed to Freezing and Seizing Russian Dirty Money, Transparency International has evaluated how well countries leading multilateral efforts to freeze and seize kleptocrats’ assets are equipped to deliver on their stated objectives. The analysis covers eight countries: … Continued

NDI Champions “Democracy Game Changers” for S4D Year of Action

In the context of global challenges to democracy and the Summit for Democracy’s Year of Action, the National Democratic Institute (NDI) has identified five global Democracy Game Changers that highlight and mobilise collective action to address the most pressing problems. The five challenges that will be addressed in this upcoming series are: Ending Online Violence … Continued

The Ukraine crisis may reinvigorate Eastern European democracies

Maria Popova and Nikolay Marinov consider the potential impact of Russia’s unjustified invasion of Ukraine on the broader dynamics of Eastern European democracies. The authors contend that the increased focus of a “war of worldviews” between Russia and Europe, rather than on internal corruption, has the potential to reinvigorate Eastern European democracies. Eastern Europe has … Continued

Hong Kong’s Freedoms: What China Promised and How It’s Cracking Down

Lindsay Maizland writes a backgrounder for the Council on Foreign Relations on receding democracy in Hong Kong amidst a crackdown by Beijing. Despite assurances at the handover in 1997 that Hong Kong would be granted political autonomy for 50 years, recent years have seen significant restrictions on fundamental democratic rights and freedoms. The backgrounder gives … Continued

The time to support the Global South is now

While Russia’s unjustified invasion of Ukraine is forcing hard choices in Europe regarding international support, Martin Schulz argues that the war in Ukraine justifies more support, involvement and investment in the Global South, not less. Challenges in the Global South continue to worsen, most notably the risk of famine, intensifying drought, and heightened risks of … Continued

Battle lines for the future of the internet

Cameron F. Kerry for Brookings Institution considers the broader geopolitical context of the White House’s recent initiative, Declaration on the Future of the Internet, and probes important next steps to be taken for the effort to be effective. The declaration aims to reclaim “the promise of the Internet”, emphasising its importance as a single interconnected … Continued

Defeating Putin in Ukraine Is Vital to the Future of Democracy

David J. Kramer argues that for democracy in Russia and Eurasia to flourish, it is crucial that the international community support Ukraine in defeating Putin. While critics fear that greater involvement will only serve the interests of the Kremlin, Kramer does not agree. Russia’s unjustified invasion of Ukraine must not be viewed as only a … Continued

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